A brand’s perception among stakeholders is shaped by a series of assets and behaviors that must be continuously identified, developed, and managed.

Here are a few tips to consider when you begin your branding journey:
1. Do Keep your Audience in mind
The first thing you should do when branding your business is to identify your core target market. Do your research and learn the demographic to whom your brand must appeal. This will help you focus all your marketing efforts on ensuring that your brand appeals to them.

2. Do strive to be Consistent
Consistent branding makes you memorable!
In order to make your brand memorable (especially across your different marketing channels), you need brand consistency.

3. Do Differentiate Yourself
Develop something clever and creative to help your brand stand out. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Sometimes it can be risky but high risks tend to have high rewards.

4. Do Highlight Your Strength
This involves finding your unique perspectives or niche and showing your audience how you excel in that area.

5. Don’t exaggerate
Don’t make exaggerated claims. Many brands are guilty of this, whether innocent or intentional. Make claims that are true to your brand.

6. Don’t copy the competition
Copying your competitor’s website and ideas is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when branding your business. Consumers will always remember the original design or logo and will also favor the original goods.

7. Don’t rush the process
Building a brand involves a lot of aspects that require forming a genuine, warm bond with your target market. You can’t rush it.

8. Don’t complicate it
Be straight to the point! Simplicity is mutually beneficial for both marketers and consumers.


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